1. You like going to parties, but don’t have to stay until the end.
  2. You like meeting new people, but not always.
  3. Short conversations are just fine. You don’t need to spend hours talking to someone.
  4. You can be by yourself for hours, then join a group for dinner. You’re equally happy in both situations.
  5. You can go to the movie by yourself or with a friend, and you’d be happy either way.
  6. You can stay in the back and listen, but will definitely speak up if you have something to say.
  7. You are comfortable in many different friend groups.
  8. You socialize a lot, but you still definitely need your downtime.
  9. At the end of a group dinner with friends, you want to go home and be alone (take a bath, watch TV or read).
  10. You don’t mind talking to strangers, but don’t feel obligated to do so.
  11. You’re generally game for any activity, but not for long periods of time.
  12. You’re not easily embarrassed. Many introverts don’t like to draw attention to themselves. Extroverts are the opposite. You’re in the middle.
  13. You’re a part of the crowd, but not the centre of attention.
  14. You definitely like your own company, but don’t want to be by yourself constantly.
  15. You are pretty even-keeled in most situations.
  16. Your friends find you stable and consistent.
  17. When describing you, people would use terms like mild-mannered.
  18. You’re a good negotiator because you’re an active listener as well as a talker.
  19. You tend to make friends fairly easily. While extroverts have tons of acquaintances and introverts have a small group of friends, you are somewhere in the middle.
  20. You can regulate your emotions well. So if you get angry, you tend not to stay that way for long periods.
  21. You’re empathetic. You are often the one helping a friend or coworker.
  22. While you have a social life, you also like doing things alone.
  23. You’re mild-mannered. You’re not the one screaming at a concert, but you also aren’t the one silent the whole time.
  24. Friends might refer to you as an extrovert with introvert tendencies or an introvert with extrovert tendencies.
  25. You’re not drained after talking to people.