The Differences between Introverts, Extroverts, and Ambiverts

Extraversion and introversion are personality types, reflecting whether we are outward or inward-looking, while ambiversion is a balance of both. However, these characteristics are not absolute points on a graph. We all sit somewhere on a continuum depending on how we view things.

Introvert and Extrovert Meaning: How We Behave

Most of us are a bit of all three, meaning we have our introvert, extrovert, and ambivert moments, depending on the situation. Hence, we may focus more on our innermost ideas when traveling alone in a passenger jet plane. While we may become the soul of extraversion when dining out with friends we know well.

However, ambivert meaning a blend of both is a bit harder to nail down at the individual level. That’s because it lies at the theoretical midpoint of the continuum, so you could say most of us are probably ambiverts tending one or another way.

Digging Down Deeper Into the Meaning of Ambivert

Introvert personality types are more interested in their own thoughts, while extroverts primarily get their pleasure from outside themselves. Thus, just by way of an example, an introvert’s definition of a pleasant evening could be listening to quiet music on their own.

However, an ambivert’s meaning of a successful night out might vary from attending a pop concert to a quiet meal out for two. Their decision would depend on the company, the situation, and their purpose of course.

Applying These Personality Dimensions in Real Life

Introversion, extraversion and ambiversion are all around us in people we meet every day. They are just one of many, many personality characteristics we share. Understanding these helps us relate better to others, and understand how and why they behave.

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